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Hi, I’m Christina. Not only do I own Guardian Books publishing, I am also an author.

My life is quite busy but I am never bored. I have been writing since I was 3 years old and that was a long time ago. In 48 years I have written poetry, short stories and novels that I never had the courage to submit to a publisher. When I started Guardian Books I didn’t intend to publish my own work but I got caught up in the excitement and the ideas kept coming. That’s the way it was 25 years before I got too busy and gave up.

I thought about writing under pseudo names and some of my books were originally released that way. I always preferred being behind the scenes in all aspects of my life but I’ve decided it was time to go public and use my true name on the books and poetry collections.

I have no particular genre that I prefer. From me you will find poetry of all emotions, short story collections,  article collections, real life tragedies and much more that I haven’t thought of yet. I have so many ideas that I just keep writing down the notes and I don’t know if I can finish them all.

I have other businesses as well and I’m not rich in any sense of the word but I am comfortable in my rented apartment with my wonderful husband, Chris Ash, in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

My life has been full of challenges that I have overcome. I’ll start with 24 though because that was the turning point of my life and put me on the path to now. I was diagnosed with premature osteoporosis and told of a future with a debilitating leg pains and walking would become a problem. Instead of being depressed I decided to select a business I enjoyed and could support me.

I had just finished my honors in psychology and was intending to be a licensed family therapist. The problem was I couldn’t accept the 1 out of 10 success odds so I decided to use my knowledge to help myself and others. I continued doing pychological research on relationships and behaviorial patterns and presently working on the release of a series of self-help books.

I ended up choosing accounting and after 5 years of schooling I started Guardian Fundamental Accounting Inc at 40. For 10 years I have been developing a successful company with a good reputation in Ontario and some clients in other provinces. In 2009 Guardian Books idea came to me and I couldn’t let it go. So I moved forward with that using my savings and connections to complete the strenuous task of start up. It wasn’t as easy as Guardian Fundamental; all I had to do was buy a computer, software and advertise and the rest just fell into place. Guardian Books required funding beyond my expectations, advertising, promotions, expensive software and much more. Once I started it though I couldn’t stop; I had already invested too much time and money to give up.