Deanna Downer



Deanna was born in Manitoba, Canada and moved to Hamilton, ON when she was young. Her parents were from Ukraine and followed their kin to Manitoba, still strongly based on traditional Ukranian culture.
In the 50's and 60's abused females were unable to receive help from society. Unless their family provided a protective environment; these women were forced to stay in a life threatening situation. Deanna wrote THE PAIN HAS PASSED to send a message to the women who stay; they don't have to. Now there are many organizations who will provide a haven, assist financially in courses or start up costs to find employment and therapy to find the courage to move on.
Deanna married badly at a young age and tells her story in poetry collections in THE TIME HAS PASSED (co-written with her daughter, Christina D. Taylor) and THE PAIN HAS PASSED (warning of extrememe violence and description).
THE PAIN HAS PASSED  was supposed to be the last book written by Ms. Downer but her mind opened to so many other ideas. She is presently working on a short story collection for people who like true horror.
She has been writing since she was in school and has realized her dream to be published at 75. The collections are poetry written during her marriage and when the kids were young.