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Isle of the UndeadJACOB’S LADDER

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How would you like to wake up one morning in a strange new world full of magic?
Who could have done such a thing and who would want to? Why are you here?
The answers are hard to find but eventually Jester and Jade begin to understand.
They have wit, worth and reason on their side and with the help
of elvesand some of the Great Lords who oppress the land,they
finally find the explanation.
Wizards, unscrupulous and unprincipled, need something done.
The two have been brought to this world specially to perform this task.
It is a long and hard road they have to follow but in the end it takes them home.

THE WAY HOME begins a journey for Jade and Jester in another land that only they can save. How far they are from home is not known and how soon they can find their way back to earth depends on how fast they can succeed in their mission. Obstacles are on every path and direction that leads to the search.

In EVIL EMPIRE jade and Jester finds some of the answers of why they are there. The obstacles in their path become more dangerous and all their strength and faith in themselves are required.

Now in SORCERERS ARE THE ROADS the journey continues with Jade and Jester gaining more control and understanding in the environment they have been forced in. Earth is still too far away for them to reach but know they will get home soon.

Still, Jade and Jester, who for the second time had been precipitated into The New Country from Earth, could not bear the thought of the Dissardian duke’s evil regime spreading its cancer in even the smallest degree into the land they had come to love. As well, they were deeply disturbed by the wanton slaughter of thousands of hapless victims in the Dusty Mountains.

Together with their friends the Great Lords Fallingbrook, Killgarron and Damien his brother, they had ventured into the Dusty Mountains a couple of times to learn what they could of Black Ivo of Dissardo and his methods. They had taken others with them the last time but the result of this foray had not been quite as successful as hoped.

Some knowledge had been garnered but none of it exactly how to defeat the duke. Black Ivo was virtually invincible within the Dusties. Here, for some undiscovered reason, the powers of the Great Lords were ineffective. Even the magic of the elf, Valome, who was one of their companions, worked in some strange way and was not reliable. The best idea they had come up with was to turn Ivo and his sorcerers into frogs. They had tried this but the plan had backfired with the result that they had had to flee the mountains.

Magic then, was not the complete or perhaps best answer, even though this, in fact, was the basis of Black Ivo’s success. His sorcerers were all-powerful and many. Their battle plans were simple. Sorcerers accompanied invading forces and in sight of any opposition created huge winds to blow defences down or start fires that spread rapidly and could not be quenched. Walls were breached, men were decimated, all by sorceries. No country, with its few court or village magicians, could withstand such witchcraft as the combined magicians of Dissardo could produce.

To Jade of Earth, the answer to Black Ivo lay in, hopefully, containing him within the mountains and then turning him and Maliquary of the Noirisette, his chief sorcerer, and their subordinates into frogs. To Jester, also of Earth, the answer lay in the advancement of science and knowledge in the north. For, he reasoned, if the populace were educated, the means of defending the north would then make itself apparent. Unfortunately, he did not take into account the time it would take to educate the northern people. However, he was aware that his solution was the best over the long run.

Overall "THE WAY HOME” and "Evil Empire" has an awesome story line. There is
no question in my mind the reader will want to know what
happens next. The author is very talented and has awesome
imagination. Job extremely well done by Jackie McAndrew.”


“Excellent novel. It caught my interest within the first 25 pages.
The land, the people, the adventure and the challenges kept me
up nights. I was unable to put the book down. Jackie, when’s the
next one?”

Wendy Winslow

Freelance Editor

540 Pages




Customer Reviews:

admin  (Wednesday, 27 October 2010)
Rating: 4
Already finished the first two parts. When will the next part be released? The series by J.D. Mcandrew has caught my interest in comparison to Lord of
The Rings. The characters, Jade and Jester, have been an integral part of the plot throughout. The unforgettable characters who help them on their way
have been integrated perfectly into the plot.

Al Morris, 24